The Mummy Trailer featuring Tom Cruise

The Mummy Trailer is here and don’t expect any resemblance with the old and lovable The Mummy featuring Brandon Fraser. Because of course that Tom cannot star into a movie and playing a silly and funny character. He must jump from an airplane or climb a mountain or die and revive, like in this trailer.

This must be a reboot of the old franchise, but with apparently a new concept of Monsters and Heroes, branded Marvel. And if you didn’t know by now, The Invisible Man and who knows what else reboot will follow.

Do we like it? Meh

Any movie with mummies are welcomed, especially played by Sofia Boutella (Star Trek beyond or Kingsman) and we are sure that even with her warrior skills, she will be beaten by Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible style.

The Director, Alex Kurtzman says:

“You have to make great individual movies, first and foremost. You have to deliver them. And if you do that, then the audience will follow you.” Simply jumping into an Avengers-style team-up — as some have argued that Warner Bros. has done with its handling of the DC world — doesn’t give audiences anything to latch onto or feel invested in, something that Kurtzman said Universal’s original films understand at a fundamental level. “Whether it was by default, or because they did it intentionally, they knew that the audience needed to fall in love with each individual character first, and if they did that, then a world would present itself,” he said. “So that has been the goal in making The Mummy. It’s not so much ‘build a universe,’ as it is ‘make a great Mummy movie.’”

So we will have a horror movie or a movies centered on the monster? I will end up crying for the mummy? Kurtzman says that I will :

“As a kid, this really fucks you up, because you have the experience of going, ‘I really feel for this thing. I really feel for this creature… but look what this creature’s capable of doing.’” he said. “And that’s what separates a monster movie from a horror movie or a slasher movie. It is the ability to fear the monster, and feel for the monster.”

“The Mummy” reboot will hit theaters on June 9, 2017.