Is Klok the coolest watch of the year?


Klok created by Klokers is the the most recent product of the Swiss “school of watches”. Set as a luxury item, the Klok wants to compete with big names in the world of time-keeping. Will it succeed?

To begin with, the watch has a starting point of $400, way lower that most luxury items in its category. What makes it ‘something else’ is its concentric rings and a magnifying glass that tells you the time in hours, minutes and seconds.

Photo: Klok Kickstarter

One other interesting fact is the easiness with which you can take Klok out of its strap – it can also be used as a pocket clock. And with ingenious hanging system, the device can be accessorized to notebooks, necklaces, clothes or even bags.

From their general presentation, we gather that Klok isn’t for everyone. They focus their products to creative, outside-the-box thinkers, a segment of the market that was not previously in the attention of the big watch manufacturers: “You want to be different while embracing diversity? And steer clear from the mass-market homogeneity? klokers creations are designed for creative, free-thinking men and women who want to express their individuality […] We wanted to create these adaptable and interchangeable watches that you could change anytime and anywhere you want, to suit your mood and style. The patented klokers Key allows you to interchange your watch and bracelets.”

Photo: Klock Kickstarter


Technical details

Material: composite metal polymer
Dimensions: 44 mm diameter x 11,5 mm high
Weight (with strap): 42g
Docking klokers Key: pusher on caseband at 8 o’clock for quick release of case
Crystal: anti-reflect treated transparent polymer with integrated magnifying lens for time display
Assembly: partially non-demountable construction

Leather bracelet
Colors: matte black leather, silky black leather, indigo leather, orange alcantara, mouse-gray alcantara, and Newport yellow leather.

With the option of showing time around the world Klok 2 comes somehow more expensive, but still cheaper than most swiss watches.

For now people are excited about the Klok, but in the long run I have some doubts about people accepting it in their lives, when the already have smart watches that show not only time but email and social media notifications. Not to mention that we cannot find any information about battery – can you change it or you just trow this watch away and buy a new one? Also, if their accessories bought separately are really pricey, $149 for a new bracelet and the same price for a holding the device in your pocket.