5 Apps that will boost your creativity


Some are born with some shred of talent but most of us mortals have to harness our creativity. And while traveling might be an expensive option to ‘enhance’ your creativity, you should do the next best thing. This is using your smartphone in the most productive way, making you more creative. Bellow are some cool apps that will boost your creativity in no time.

#1 Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is one of my favorite apps in Google Play (I’m sure there are many similar apps in the App Store – just the other day I tried Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad and it’s just as wonderful as the Android app). With simple touches of the screen you can make appear some beautiful symmetric forms and circles.

#2 Art-droid

I discovered Art-droid recently but I still visit it every day. How better way to be inspired if not ‘peaking’ at the past. The app offers you access to thousands works of art from the Wikipedia archive. Moreover, it’s completely free!

#3 Idea Card

Even its name says that will help you generate new ideas, so you should definitively give it a go. With tens of thousands of downloads the app claims to help get out of any blockage. The app offers some cards and challenges you to think outside-the-box. For those of you who have an iPhone, there is a similar app, with more colors named 75toolsforcreativethinking.

Ideo Method Cards/App Store

#4 Ideo Method Card

From the international design firm comes ‘Ideo Method Card’, an app that is often used by the employees of the company, according to the founders. The app offers 51 methods to stay inspired in both design jobs and in everyday life.

Vimeo./App Store

#5 Vimeo app

Like YouTube but more creative, the Vimeo app is a easy way to bring with you the short movies you favorited on your desktop (at home, maybe?). With a minimalistic look, the app offers access to thousands of short videos (anything from music videos, to short animations, ads etc) and one of these will be an inspiration for a future project.