Elizabeth Hurley shows off bikini body at 51

Elizabeth Hurley

I forgot about Elizabeth Hurley. But somehow all the news covered her bikini bod these days. If I’m struggling hard enough I clearly remember she was known as Hugh Grant girlfriend that stood by him even after he solicited the services of a prostitute in 1995.

Other than that she was always beautiful and have been engaged or married with some wealthy men. Now she has her own  bathing suit line, just because it fits the glove isn’t it. Always stick with what are you good at.

And I want you to see these pictures of a 51 year old woman:

Bikini time @elizabethhurleybeach ?

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Last October in glorious Mustique #IvorySnakeBikini @elizabethhurleybeach ?

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I know what you thinking of if you are a man : this is a sexy woman.

And I basically know what you are thinking as a woman: plastic surgery paid off.

Truth is that we have no clue how Elizabeth Hurley looks like this at 51, but she always have been fit and beautiful. And if she had some surgical improvements, might be so insignificant, because I do not notice them.

There is this “miracle” happening over the last few years, that women over 45 have their first kid (naturally of course) and most of them look like nothing over 30.

That’s why I do really love Meryl Streep. Because I know for sure that her beauty is in her smile and I do not have to look over surgical improvements:

We cannot deny the work and effort put in by Elizabeth, to have this body, and it would be great if all women in their 50s could achieve that. But it is in the genes too isn’t it? 🙂 And Liz hit the jackpot here.