Dustin Hoffman a palmuit-o pe Meryl Streep pe platourile de filmare

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman face parte din actorii metodisti. Adica acei actori care intra in pielea personajului 24/7, din momentul in care incepe filmarea, pana cand se termina, chiar si in pauzele de filmare.

In biografia Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep, scrisa de Michael Schulman, acesta povesteste despre un episod de pe platourile de filmare ale filmului Kramer vs Kramer, unde Dustin Hoffman o palmuieste tare pe Meryl, chiar daca nu era specificat in script. Pentru ca asa a simtit Hoffman ca trebuie sa fie evolutia caracterului jucat de el.

Meryl a jucat in Kramer contra Kramer in 1979, la scurt timp dupa moartea logodnicului ei John Cazale, care a murit din cauza cancerului. Daca palma care nu era in script vi s-a parut dura, comportamentul lui Dustin Hoffman in legatura cu moartea logodnicului ei, o sa vi se para execrabila. Hoffman a facut comentarii rautacioase cu privire la moartea lui John Cazale pentru a o “aduce pe Meryl in starea potrivita”.

Perspectiva lui asupra caracaterului jucat de Meryl, a fost aceea de fost sot care se razbuna pe fosta sotie, astfel ca si-a adaptat comportamentul pe platourile de filmare, in concordanta.

Articolul din Vanity Fair:

On the second day, they continued shooting the opening scene, when Ted follows the hysterical Joanna into the hallway. They shot the bulk of it in the morning and, after lunch, set up for some reaction shots. Dustin and Meryl took their positions on the other side of the apartment door. Then something happened that shocked not just Meryl but everyone on set. Right before their entrance, Dustin slapped her hard across the cheek, leaving a red mark.

Benton heard the slap and saw Meryl charge into the hallway. We’re dead, he thought. The picture’s dead. She’s going to bring us up with the Screen Actors Guild. Instead, Meryl went on and acted the scene. Clutching Joanna’s trench coat, she pleaded with Ted, “Don’t make me go in there!” As far as she was concerned, she could conjure Joanna’s distress without taking a smack to the face, but Dustin had taken extra measures. And he wasn’t done. In her last tearful moments, Joanna tells Ted that she doesn’t love him anymore, and that she’s not taking Billy with her. The cameras were set up on Meryl in the elevator, with Dustin acting his part offscreen.

Improvising his lines, Dustin delivered a slap of a different sort: outside the elevator, he started taunting Meryl about John Cazale, jabbing her with remarks about his cancer and his death. “He was goading her and provoking her,” Fischoff recalled, “using stuff that he knew about her personal life and about John to get the response that he thought she should be giving in the performance.”

Meryl, Fischoff said, went “absolutely white.” She had done her work and thought through the part. And if Dustin wanted to use Method techniques like emotional recall, he should use them on himself. Not her. They wrapped, and Meryl left the studio in a rage. Day two, and Kramer vs. Kramer was already turning into Streep vs. Hoffman.

Si Tom Hardy este un actor metodist, care a speriat-o pe Charlize Theron pe platourile de filmare de la Mad Max. Sint actori cu care nu poti comunica in timpul filmarilor.

Probabil ca metoda da rezultate, dar mie continua sa mi se para bizara.

Meryl Streep a castigat Oscar-ul pentru performanta din Kramer vs Kramer, dar va asigur ca palma sau jignirile lui Hoffman nu au contribuit la performanta ei.